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3D printed articulated crystal dragon in egg

3D printed articulated crystal dragon in egg

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This 3D printed articulated crystal dragon is made of safe materials and comes in various colors, making it ideal as ornaments and gifts.

3d printed dragon in egg
  • 【3D Printed Egg】
    Unleash the magic of  Dragon Egg Toy with a magical surprise crystal dragon that emerges from the 5" printed egg.
3d printed dragon
  • 【The Realistic Design】
    The design of the Dragon egg and the 3D printed Dragon are incredibly realistic, providing an authentic experience for adults alike. The head, torso, limbs, and feet of the 3D printed Dragons are all connected by sturdy hinges, allowing for flexible positioning and posing.
3d print dragon
  • 【Environmentally friendly material】
    Using environmentally friendly PLA material, it is a biodegradable material. It has a certain durability and can protect the environment and safety.
3d print articulated dragon
  • 【Endless Hours Of Fun】
    Dragon eggs with Dragon inside are not only visually stunning, they are also endlessly fun. You can spend hours playing with this 3D Dragon and posing the Dragon in different positions. Whether you choose to twist and turn the dragon or perched majestically on a shelf, the possibilities are endless.
3d printed articulated dragon
  • 【Various Colors Available】
    Our crystal dragon egg come in a wide range of colors, so you're sure to find what you're looking for in our store!
crystal dragon 3d print
  • 【Unique Design】
    Each dragon and egg combination is unique, making it an ideal gift for the dragon lover or collector in your life. Spark creativity and imaginative play.
3d printed dragon egg
articulated 3d printed dragon


Material: pla
Dragon size: 30cm
Egg size: 13 * 9cm
Packaging: PVC transparent box

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Customer Reviews

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Vivienne Johnson


Eloy Rempel

Garna ichgrashka. Space column. Good to go. The trinkets can be seen in the plastic, ale it is not critical. I thought, if I won't, to go with an egg, ale singing is not so much an OPIS. The set includes a dragon.

Aurelia Torphy

All in the best order

Orlo Feest

The order arrived in 3 weeks. On time. An interesting toy. Plastic. Thanks to the seller. Good Sales Store

Axel Hoppe